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Photos in macOS Sierra Consumes Massive CPU Power

Perhaps you have noticed that some process in your computer consumes a lot CPU power ever since you updated to macOS Sierra. I did. The fan of my MBP was spinning loudly to cool down the processor and it was an … Læs resten

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Increase Your Dropbox Space for Free!

Yes, that’s right! You can increase your Dropbox space for as much as up to 16 GB without paying a single dime by inviting friends. But that does not guarantee that you will get the extra space. Your friends will still … Læs resten

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Increment Selection

Have you ever wanted to increment large number of numbers in bulks? Let’s say you have hundreds or even thousands of strings called <string>0</string>. But you don’t want to go through each line and manually update the strings <string>0</string>, <string>1</string>, <string>2</string> and so on. That … Læs resten

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