Photos in macOS Sierra Consumes Massive CPU Power

Perhaps you have noticed that some process in your computer consumes a lot CPU power ever since you updated to macOS Sierra. I did. The fan of my MBP was spinning loudly to cool down the processor and it was an intolerable environment to work in. So I opened up Activity Monitor and there it was, the culprit that sucked all my CPU power: photoanalysisd.

What does that process do? It organizes your photos in the background, but you don’t really to have it run in the background. From time to time just open Photos and update your photo library.

How to kill the process?

Simply killing the process in the Activity Monitor app wont silence it. It will restart immediately. You need to run this command from the Terminal:

sudo kill -15 PID

You find the PID number in the PID column of Activity Monitor. The -15 (software termination) is the signal to send; so you simply tell the kill program to send a software termination signal. TIP! Write man kill in Terminal to learn more about this program.

In my case the command looked like this:

sudo kill -15 1591
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